Sunday, June 21, 2009

Google Earth 5.0 in Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

There's a bit of a gochya when installing Google Earth in Ubuntu 9.04, 64-bit. If you read my previous blog post on this topic, that'll get you part way to installing it. However, it won't run properly, and will give you the following error message:

"google earth detected an error while trying to authenticate"

There is a missing dependancy, so all you have to do to get it to run is to do this:

> sudo apt-get install lib32nss-mdns

Happy Google Earth Surfing.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Denver People's Fair - Land of Woo

The "woo" was out in force at the 2009 Denver (Capitol Hill) People's Fair this year.

COCORE - Colorado Coalition of Reason.
The only "anti-woo" we found at the fair.

Acupuncture. Its old, and the Chinese have used it. Therefore, its legit. QED

Allergies cured by "laser technology". I wonder if they remove them from the heads of the ill-tempered sea bass prior to use.

What ever it is, it cures everything.

Tarot. At least they make it clear its "magical thinking".

Tarot, and palm reading.

Oh good, finally, The Truth.

I'm glad there wasn't a monopoly on advanced palm-reading technology. Its good that consumers have a choice in how to get scammed.

Apparently, the chiropractors have been doing it wrong.

Chi-Chi Rodriguez would be proud.... or would file a law suit for patent infringement on his novel "magic bracelet" err "magnetic bracelet" technology.
(kind of hard to see)

Advanced Photoshop lessons.

Your spine is bent.

Magic cream cures all pain.

They'll read your brain, and your palm, at the same time. Its like a lube-job and a tire rotation, at the same garage. How convenient!

Got Energy?

Your spine is crooked.

Oh good, no one has a monopoly on magnetic technology, either.
God is now here. Uhuh. Be careful. These guys want you to think they are atheists. This seems like a clever trick, at first, until you talk to them, and realize they're idiots.

Looks like woo.

Smells like woo.

Must be woo. But its only $1, what's the harm?

Yay, Scientologists! In Denver! We're so honored!

Nope. And we're looking so hard.

Wait, these guys say they have the truth, but the other booth said they have the truth. Which truth is The Truth?